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Xi Cloud Services DR


Xi Cloud Services DR

Hello - 


Does the on-premise environment need to be running AHV for DR to Xi Cloud?  We're currently running ESXi.  



Nutanix Employee

Re: Xi Cloud Services DR



You should expect that you could be running either ESXi or AHV on premises and replicating to Xi cloud service. For more detailed information and timing discussing with your account team under NDA will provide more details.


Re: Xi Cloud Services DR

Follow up to Ricky's question.  When you configure XI what Cloud vendor do you replicate too?  

Nutanix Employee

Re: Xi Cloud Services DR

The first cloud DC's that you can replicate to will be Nutanix ones that will be in two regions with 2 availability zones each. Google GCP will follow next as an option opening up more regions.


There will likely be other provider options that become available over time.