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Web Scale deployment


Web Scale deployment

Hi there everyone, 

I'm a new nutanix customer and I'm happy to be here and participate on this community. 

My first post is related to massive deployments VM, I had the opportunity to attend a demo in .NEXT doing this in acrópolis hypervisor and I'm wondering to perform this on vmware ESXi 6.x environment. 

My question is simple: 

Is there any way to deploy or clone VM's "massively" from Acropolis using vmware instead of AHV not using vRealize Automation  ? 


Basically I'd like to use cloud-plattform features in Nutanix in vmware environment. 


Thanks in advance! 




Re: Web Scale deployment

Well this is a forum for community edition specifically which is only AHV. @aluciani probably a better question for a commercial forum?

Either way there are a ton of rest apis, a powershell provider and a shell client you could use to automate your mass deployment. It doesn't need to be via the vrealize framework at all.