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Nutanix Sizer and DB2


Nutanix Sizer and DB2

Hi to all, I am looking some tips and tricks how I can make some calculation in Nutanix Sizer for needed configuration to support external bare metal DB2 servers that will have storage (LUNs) presented from Nutanix using ABS (via iSCSI). In Sizer there is only option to select workload like AFS? Any good how-to or info ? Tnx!
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Community Manager

Re: Nutanix Sizer and DB2

Thanks for posting @komac 


@waltomaley you able to share any insights here? 

Community Manager, Nutanix
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Nutanix Employee

Re: Nutanix Sizer and DB2

hi @komac and @aluciani


I'm the product manager for Sizer.  We don't support ABS at this time but may in future


People have used sizer though in RAW mode to do that


@jeremy I believe has some notes on that