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What are you working on?


Re: What are you working on?

I'm try to access to the test drive but the url doesn't work

Re: What are you working on?

Automating snapmonitoring of the VMs


Re: What are you working on?

Hi everyone!

We'll be migrating our datacenter to a colo using Nutanix later this year. As I'm brand new to Nutanix the first step for me will be quickly learning as much as possible. After perusing some of the other discussions it looks like @jjdurrant had some excellent recommendations to get started:

Nutanix Bible

nu.School YouTube Channel


- Self Paced Study (Once I get access)

- NEXT community, of course!

The goal is to hit the ground running. I look forward to learning from you, and one day returning the favor!

You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data. - Daniel Keys Moran

Re: What are you working on?

Researching an upgrade of ESXi from 5.5 to 6 via Prism. 


Re: What are you working on?

I have one ESXi host in the cluster that has a misspelled name.

On the host itself it is correct only in Prism does it show up wrong.

Is there anyway to change that name in Prism or so that Prism shows the correct name?




Re: What are you working on?

Hi Dave,

I had an issue where the field engineer screwed up our CVM names so multiple CVMs had the same name with a (1),(2),(3)... etc name. I raised a ticket with nutanix and it was resolved by one of three SREs. Nutanix have awesome engineers who will be able to assist and advise if renaming will cause any issue.


Re: What are you working on?

Hi All,


Currently working on implementing a "hybrid" (of sorts) virtual DMZ environment...


Looking at deploying it via optional port on Watchguard XTM for public side, to a vm DMZ (on seperate subnet as internal), to a vm pfSense internal firewall using 1G nics on one of our Nutanix blocks thru a separate switch than our internal core.


Curious how you've set yours up, advice, best practice, tweaks, more secure option, easier implementation?


Flush it and start over? haha


Re: What are you working on?

Currently piloting our new VDI infrastructure... We've had the NTNX clusters for over a year, but constant struggles with UniDesk & Windows 10 compatibility has slowed things down...


We've now dropped UniDesk from this project & instead using Full Clone VM's, on a NTNX Metro Cluster for Active/Active support across our 2 primary sites. Today is day 1 of the staff pilot & looking good so far, though we only have a limited number of users.