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CE all services down


CE all services down


first time posting on the boards so admin please move into the appropriate section if need be.  I'm having an issue with a 3 node lab working on.  I originally built the nodes and lowed the CVM memory to 8 gb.  i was getting alerts indicating high memory use between all 3 CVMs with random reboots of each at any given time.  nothing was running in the environment at the time either.  i noticed spikes when utilizing the image service and uploading isos.  recently i was starting to build out an infrastructure.  i configured a VM as an NTP server, changed the NTP settings in prism to use this new server as an ntp source.  not too much time later, all CVMs were unavailable and all services down.  i tried cluster restarts and am running health checks now.  i can ping the CVMs without a problem, seems the hardware on each of the NUCs is fine as well.  Just wondering where else i should be looking to see exactly what the issue is.