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What are you using for backup Nutanix?

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Re: What are you using for backup Nutanix?

Damian thank you for the comments. I really do appreacite when IT professional come to discuss what is good in their product and leave the dicussion making to the masses. Postivity always produces better results Smiley Happy




Re: What are you using for backup Nutanix?

I am not attempting to spread any fud or misinformation.  I am a typical, experienced, sys admin trying to cover a number of technologies in a complex infrastructure. I have purchased, implemented and used various backup solutions over the years for various companies. 


Our old infrastructure used Veeam, backing up vmware servers on EMC Sans. I have used veeam since v3.5 and I am a really big fan of theirs and can only speak highly of them. I have run veeam successfully on our nutanix environment.


My opinion was based on a recent tendering exercise for a Nutanix backup solution for my company that I recently completed. The backup solution that fits my company would not suit every other company. 


Commvault, Data Domain and Hycu came onsite and provided a demo of their solution, answered our questions and followed up with a proposal. We also engaged with Veeam.


As i said in my original post, commvault proposed we have physical devices, veeam propsed proxy servers in their solution. And to be fair to everyone the Data Domain presentation was poor as they couldnt get their demo system working. These were reasons why we selected Hycu as their propsal was a single app installed on Nutanix.


The system that was proposed by Commvault for my organisation contained physical devices because of the volume of data we backup. The Commvault solution was 5 times more expensive than Hycu's. 


The whole point of forums like this is for people to swap, share ideas and experiences and help each other out, not shutdown people if you dont like their comments. If its only vendors who are allowed to express an opinion on here then there wont be many people left here.




Re: What are you using for backup Nutanix?

Personally, jtempleton - i find your commentary very insightful - i am a product manager for dell emc lookign for unbiased information about anyone and anything in the market looking to protect nutanix environments. 


theres no one size fits all for data protection, each customer brings their own unique needs, challenges at a certain cost point. i certainly appreciated the detail you provide as it helps set the context.


Healthy competition = better products for IT professionals, lets not all forget that.  As we all push the bar higher, the consumer always gets better capabilities for all players.


Re: What are you using for backup Nutanix?

jtempleton thank you for the details and certainly my comments were more of a general point, that sharing experiences (product, meeting with sales/se, POC, support, compatibilty and above all unique requirments by each company and price point) makes for a good discussion for other to consider.


We ourselves use have been using Veaam in our Hyper-V environment today and are really happy with the product and support. However, we are really eagar to see how Veeam and Nutanix partnership will provide us the same level of comfort and techecnology we are already used to. May be even better integration and quite possiblly the API approach as you have suggested that HYCU has adapted in supporting Nutanix AHV.


I am intrige to look at HYCU now to see what they do offer.


Thank you all for a healthy conversation as at the end of the day being an IT person what always is on our mind is "can i recover my data when and if I need to" Smiley Happy


Re: What are you using for backup Nutanix?

Fair enough and thank-you. The extra detail makes sense and puts things into perspective.


Happy to answer any questions that anyone has, and .. just remembered that I need to upgrade my community edition labs to the latest version Smiley Happy