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RECLAIMABLE SPACE row shows "Processing"


RECLAIMABLE SPACE row shows "Processing"



I connected a CE Edition to our nutanix to test async data protection.

A snaphot from the remote side always show "processing" in

Async Dir -> Local Snapshots -> Row "RECLAIMABLE SPACE"

also if the snapshot was done days before so "processing" is suspicous.


Is this a known issue, limitation of ce, bug, or config problem.


/Greetings René



Re: RECLAIMABLE SPACE row shows "Processing"

Same issue.

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Nutanix Employee

Re: RECLAIMABLE SPACE row shows "Processing"

Hi @valine@rema

Please check Kb 3512 for the same issue :-


if this issue doesn't get resolve from this KB, Please let me know because we may need to adjust a gflag for the same.

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