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v3/webhooks in 5.0?


v3/webhooks in 5.0?

I've been hearing a rumor that the v3/webhooks endpoint made it into 5.0, but the remaing v3 API's were removed. Can anyone confirm? I have a AHV cluster running I've tried every way I can to POST to that endpoint using Postman, but all I get is 404 errors.




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Re: v3/webhooks in 5.0?

I am not sure about this. A post in GO would look like this.

body := `{"api_version" : "3.0",
        "spec" : {
            "name" : "` + name + `",
            "resources" : {
                "post_url" : "` + url + `",
                "events_filter_list" : ["` + evt_filter_list + `"]
            "description" : "tast_webhook"
        "metadata" : {
            "kind" : "webhook"

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Re: v3/webhooks in 5.0?

hey @regana - following up on old threads tonight, did you ever get to the bottom of this or is this still outstanding?

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Re: v3/webhooks in 5.0?

Now I'm following up on my old threads. Smiley Happy


Eventually got the bottom of this. Had to allocate 24gb of memory to the CVM's to get the v3 API's to be exposed.