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VM Creation V3 error


VM Creation V3 error

Hi All,

I'm trying to create a VM on Prims Central using the V3 APIs, but I get an error. The same call directly to PE works correctly.
My setup:
PC 5.5
NOS 5.5
SSP configured (just default project)


The body:

{'name': 'test',
 'resources': {'disk_list': [{'data_source_reference': {'kind': 'image',
                                                        'uuid': 'b5cf0091-67fe-462c-8cad-0dfe59d2fff5'},
                              'device_properties': {'device_type': 'DISK',
                                                    'disk_address': {'adapter_type': 'SCSI',
                                                                     'device_index': 0}}}],
               'memory_size_mib': 1024,
               'num_sockets': 1,
               'num_vcpus_per_socket': 1,
               'power_state': 'OFF'}


The error is: "Error: {'reason': 'INTERNAL_ERROR', 'message': 'Failed to send RPC request'}"

What am I doing wrong?